Long Stay

Envelope in Serenity

Long Stay in a Southern Coastal Hamlet in Sri Lanka

Travelers who love to stay longer …….

Hotel Nawathana is your home away from home! An absolute hideout, a retreat like heaven. An ideal cozy home to enthrall in solitude. Nothing quiet and cozy as Hotel Nawathana.

  • Are you composing a captivating musical theme for your next concert?
  • Writing a best seller for Pulitzer prize?
  • Scripting the next block buster?
  • Researching for your doctoral thesis?
  • In need of a long break after a hectic assignment?

Hotel Nawathana provides you all the amenities…..

Inside the historical Dutch Fort in Matara bordering the Indian ocean, with sea breeze wrapping you around, under the shadow of tall palm trees herbal massage and ayurvedic treatments for your body, mind and soul.

Restaurant providing you authentic cuisine.

Just a 5 minute walk away from Matara city center many eateries around to tickle your taste buds with diverse Sri Lankan street food and most importantly with a hermitage like monastery feeling in the surroundings.

For the guests who stay over 2 days, Nawathana provides free breakfast.

Certainly this will be your Home away from Home and you won’t believe … the cheaper rates would suggest make your stay much longer!

Visit us and be fascinated! Accomplish your mission